organizing, discarding, deep cleaning

About OCD-ME

OCD-Me is not your typical, weekly cleaning service. If you have one – you are blessed! However, organizing, discarding, deep cleaning and moving is a whole other arena. OCD-Me was launched to help people keep up with their lives by making the most of their current space, new space or a client’s Airbnb and the like. We are experts in giving rooms, closets, garages, offices, drawers and pantries a fresh, clean look where everything “makes sense” and is pleasing to the eye.

Our client’s efficiency, peace of mind and accessibility to their life-tools is something we are passionate about. Allow our team to come in and create a space that defines you and your needs. Share with us whether you like to entertain, work at home, crafting, tinkering in your garage and your past times. We can optimize your space to fit what you love doing the most!